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Our Solutions

People & Workspace Management Solutions

People Safety Management

People safety , Fall Down and SOS alerts ,Real time location of people.

Visitor Management

Track location and movement of the visitors inside the building and control access areas.

Occupancy Management

Know the presence of people in your workplaces, Crowded areas and Space Occupancy analytics.

Evacuation Management

Locate people trapped during emergency in real time and aid with real-time evacuation management.

Hot Desking and Space Booking

Visually book desks and meeting spaces in advance, from anywhere and anytime, depending on the availability.

Indoor Navigation and Way Finding

Guide visitors & employees to the destination showing turn-by-turn aid to navigate through the corridors, floors and paths.

Asset Tracking & Management Solutions

Smart Asset Tracking Management

RTLS Based Asset Management to help you make the most out of your Ambulatory Assets, Improve Asset Utilization and Reduce Asset Lifecycle Costs Predictive analytics capabilities.

Smart Trolley & Cart Management

Real-time visualization of all the trolleys and carts in the premise. Improved asset utilization of carts and trolleys. Reduce loss of trolleys and carts.

Smart Elevator Management

Wireless sensors to capture the exact location and provide visualization of lift movements. Get Abnormal stoppage and incidents alerts. Elevator Utilization Analytics to aid energy saving.

Condition Monitoring Solutions

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

IoT-based Automated Air Quality Monitoring & Management for Safe & Energy Efficient Smart Building.

Ambient Temp & Humidity Management

Remote and automatic monitoring of temperature and humidity with data in real-time. Auto actuate your HVAC Management, leading to a green and energy efficient building.

Smart Toilets Management

Smart Toilet Management using IOT sensors and wireless network to ensure clean, hygienic toilets, through remote management. Improve public health, utilization, occupancy ,experience and reduce manpower involvement.

Remote Generator Set Monitoring

Smart IoT Solution to monitor Generators remotely to ensure uninterrupted operation, reducing fuel and operation costs, optimizing maintenance schedule and preventing generator service outage, thus extending genset life cycle.